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Lumon Glass Wall

Lumon Glass

Lumon Glass Wall

Eze-Breeze® window frames are crafted from aluminum for a durable structure that few other products can match.

Originally from Finland, Lumon glass walls allow you to enjoy an incredible view and seasonal weather from the comfort of your home. Made up of multiple sliding glass panels, Lumon walls can open and close however you like to protect you from the elements or provide full access to the outdoors.

The glass panels slide smoothly from one side of the ceiling- or floor-mounted track to the other. They stack behind one another when open, or press against each other to fully enclose the space. The panels can even be fitted with a seal to provide complete protection. Walls are custom built to match their space, even around 90-degree corners.

Lumon walls work perfectly in many settings, ranging from spacious sunrooms to high-rise balconies, to create enclosed spaces where you can enjoy privacy, protection, and a view with unmatched clarity.

Lumon Glass Wall. Alberta, CA
Lumon Glass Wall

Full Sunrooms

Picture a sunroom that can convert into a covered deck whenever you want. With Lumon glass walls, you can open as much or as little of your sunroom to the elements as you would like. The only limit to your configuration is your imagination.

This also makes the space ideal for entertaining and any kind of activity, as there can be more than one way in and out of the room. From yoga and gardening to parties and gatherings, your sunroom is your own to customize at any moment.

Enclosed Balconies

Create your own personal retreat in the heart of the city with an enclosed balcony. Lumon glass walls can be mounted on or in front of your balcony railing, depending on your space. Panels are made with 8mm or 10mm tempered, shatterproof glass, which is designed to withstand strong winds in buildings of almost any height. You can open and close the wall panels as desired to allow the elements in or out.

We know that many condo associations have rules about what you can do with your balcony. We’re happy to share an information packet and speak to your condo board before construction to make sure you have the go-ahead.

Lumon Glass Wall


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