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Trusted Security Solutions for Homes & Businesses in Edmonton, AB

Our rollshutters, manufactured by Talius – a Canadian company, are the ultimate solution when you want to safeguard your property from crimes of opportunity.

Natural Light Edmonton’s security rollshutters are strong, secure, and durable. They glide easily into place when you need them and retract into a convenient overhead box when you don’t.

Our rollshutters are easily operated with motorized control and can be tailored to harmonize with any home or business exterior to create a truly cohesive appearance.

Roll shutters
Rollshutters in Edmonton

Rollshutters Combine Purpose with Appearance

Security roller shutters, by Natural Light Edmonton, are crafted in aluminum and installed on the exterior of buildings to protect your windows and doors. Security shutters are ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.

When shutters are closed, they protect exposed glass, prevent forced entry, and provide a strong barrier against crime. When retracted, you will enjoy a fully unobstructed view of your surroundings.

Each unit is custom made and professionally installed. Choose from our 5 standard colours or match your property to over 1800 custom colour options. For businesses and organizations, rollshutters can also work to promote your corporate identity. Apply photo-quality graphics to convert your product into a creative advertising medium.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rollshutters

Natural Light rollshutters are made of rollformed aluminum with a polyurethane or hard resin core, or extruded aluminum. The right rollshutter for you depends on your requirements.

Natural Light offers a variety of rollshutter profiles to provide the best solution for different needs. With the exception of our Safe View profiles, each profile is insulated with polyurethane foam and offers sun, wind, rain, and insect protection. Our Safe Mini profile does all that too but is designed specifically for security applications with a hard resin/polyurethane core. Team up our Safe Mini profile with our SafeGuard End Retention Rail System for enhanced security protection. Our Safe View profiles are also designed for security applications. They are a see-through extruded aluminum profile commonly used for storefronts and counter enclosures.

Yes. Independent tests have proven that Natural Light Edmonton rollshutters provide excellent insulation from heat and cold and can significantly improve the R-value of your windows.

Yes. Our rollshutters roll down over your windows to provide an effective barrier against noise. This makes them ideal for shift workers, children, migraine headache sufferers, or daytime sleepers that require a quiet environment.

Yes. When closed, rollshutters provide complete blackout conditions, making them ideal for home theatre rooms, or for people who like a dark environment for sleeping.

All of our rollshutters are custom made to order. The size of the rollshutter depends on the application and your required solution.

Rollshutters are be operated with motorized convenience.

Yes. Natural Light Edmonton rollshutters are designed to protect windows from wind and rain damage and from flying debris during storms.

Yes. Rollshutters are engineered to prevent forced entry, vandalism and break-ins.



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