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Do Retractable Screens Keep the Bugs Out?

We can all agree that insects belong outside. Yet they always seem to find a way to make our homes theirs! Insect repellants add a degree of discomfort to any space, whether it be strongly scented candles or oils. Instead of being forced to resort to repellants, we’re here to tell you that retractable screens do in fact keep bugs out of the home.

What is the best screen to keep the bugs out?

Habitat Screens manufactured by Talius are known for providing exceptional bug protection. The woven fabric of the screen is the first hurdle, reinforced by a  unique rail system. This means that when the screen is in the down position, there is absolutely no way for any pesky bugs to slip inside.

Where can I install Habitat Screens around my home?

The screens are ideal for creating a comfortable environment and can easily be added to any room around the home:

Patio and deck: Your outdoor living space is rightfully yours, and should not be shared with insects as you relax and entertain your loved ones. Your patio or deck can be enclosed with Habitat Screens.

Bedroom: You’ll no longer have to suffer through uncomfortable bites and stings as you settle down for a good night’s rest after installing a Habitat Screen.

Kitchen: Cooking with company is usually a nightmare, even more so when it’s unwanted company. Habitat Screens are perfect for keeping flies out of your kitchen.

Can I use Habitat Screens in my sunroom?

At Natural Light Edmonton, we know how valuable comfort is to any sunroom, which is why we supply Habitat Screens that are fully customizable for a sunroom. We can create your fortress of relaxation with Habitat Screens, available in five standard colors or 1800 custom color options. For additional convenience, the screens can be operated with a remote and integrated into your home’s automation system.

What are some other benefits of Retractable Screens?

The versatility of Habitat Screens is what makes them a favorite on the market. Besides the high selling point of bug protection, here are some other reasons to consider Habitat Screens for your sunroom:

Keep your view

Imagine losing that beautiful view outside your home that you planned to enjoy from your sunroom. Luckily, you don’t have to because Habitat Screens promise to block the sun and not your view while offering the best daytime privacy.

Solar protection

The additional layer of comfort these screens create is by significantly reducing heat gain. Habitat Screens can block as much as 90% of the sun’s heat before it reaches a window while reducing room temperatures by 11 °C. The sun’s UV rays do more than heat up a room, they are very detrimental to furniture and artwork. Everyone loves coming home to a cool room, and this is made possible with Habitat Screens.

Energy Efficiency

Everyone is on a mission to reduce their carbon footprints and one way to do this is with a Habitat Screen! By significantly cooling your environment, there is less need for high-energy air conditioning ( and lots of energy savings).



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