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How Much Value Does a Covered Patio Add to Your Home

There are always creative ways for homeowners to spruce up and add value to their homes. We often hear that major renovations can increase property value, however, the simple addition of a patio cover can do just that. Let’s dive into the world of covered patios.

What are the types of patio covers?

Patio Covers are solutions that fulfill the desires many homeowners have for any new addition, comfort, privacy, and visual appeal. At Natural Light Edmonton, we specialize in customizing our classic or cathedral patio covers to suit the needs of the homeowner. Why have a simple patio when the look of your home can be blown away by a stylish cover and decor?

The Classic patio cover, with its single slope design, can easily be mounted to the exterior of your home’s roof and protects from all types of weather. The Cathedral patio cover is an A-frame peaked roof that offers elegance with its protection.

How much value does a covered patio add to your home?

Outdoor living is high on the list of priorities for persons shopping for homes. In fact, a report by the National Association of Realtors in the United States found that a patio is of the top ten features that attract home buyers (who are willing to pay for it!). It was also found that 85% of the installation costs can be recovered, and the resale value of a patio is 100%. This shows that if homebuyers are keen on investing in unique patios, a covered patio fits right within their interest!

A covered patio is guaranteed to increase the value of your home and is especially attractive to home buyers because they know the benefits that come with it.

What are some other reasons for covering my patio?

There are several benefits to covering your patio, some of which you may not have even recognized:

  • Energy Efficiency: A covered patio has the potential to keep your home cooler in the warmer months which in turn leads to energy savings! The cover also keeps the sun from shining directly into your window, reducing heat gain.
  • Expanded Living Space: There is so much versatility in a covered patio, that it can even lead to an enhanced living space. If you’re feeling creative, this space can be transformed into a bar or entertainment space to host a few friends.
  • Furniture Protection: No one wants to have their furniture ruined from exposure to rain, sun, or even snow. A covered patio can help to make  your furniture and decor last longer thus protecting your investment
  • Protection from Bad Weather: This is probably the most obvious reason that persons cover their patio, to enjoy the outdoor space regardless of the weather. Covered patios make your space more accessible throughout the year, to enjoy your outdoor living space.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: Like any addition to your home, concerns arise about its impact on the aesthetic you have carefully laid out for your home. Our patio covers are designed to sync seamlessly with the curb appeal of your property.


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