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Gemstone Lights

Gemstone Lights®

Gemstone Lights® will brighten up your home’s exterior for every occasion during all 12 months of the year.

Natural Light Edmonton is an authorized Gemstone Lights® dealer, which means you have access to smart LED soffit lighting that can be programmed right on your smartphone.

Use the Gemstone app (compatible with both iOS and Android devices) to switch your lights on and off, set timers, and change colours to your taste. You can even dim and brighten them so they’re the perfect intensity for you to enjoy.

You will never need to hang string lights for the holidays again, since your Gemstone Lights® can be reprogrammed with the colours of your choice. That doesn’t just include the major holidays, though. You can celebrate your sports team’s latest win, a local cause, or even just your birthday with the right colours.

LED lights last an average of 50,000 hours, and Gemstone Lights® offers a five-year warranty on their products. This means you won’t find yourself up on a stepladder every weekend to change a burnt-out bulb. In the rare event that you do need to replace a bulb, they connect individually for a quick and easy change.

Gemstone Lights® will illuminate your deck, patio cover, sunroom, and anywhere else on your property that you’re especially proud of. This discreet lighting system isn’t noticeable when it’s off, but it makes an incredible impact when it’s on. Make your house stand out and set a new standard for the entire neighbourhood.


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