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Everybody wants their homes to look good. Lighting is crucial to how a building looks, whether it be a family home or a retail building. Good lighting greatly affects how people passing by view your home or place of business.

Improve curb appeal and distinguish your property in your community with better lighting for your home or place of business. As an Edmonton, Alberta-based outdoor and architectural lighting provider, we aim to help home, and business owners bring their visions to life and create an outdoor space they can be proud of.

To find out more about our unique Gemstone Lights, give us a call today at 1-780-718-8938 or fill out the online form below, and you’ll hear back from us!

Gemstone Lights are customizable, permanent exterior lights that can add value to your property and create an ambiance that no other element can provide.

While you might think that Gemstone Lights are no different from traditional LED lights, nothing could be farther from the truth. Gemstone Lights are a smart system you can control using your mobile phone.

Using an intuitive app, you can change the colour, intensity, and look of your outdoor lighting

Gemstone Lights includes custom Smart Home software and a Wi-Fi connection, which enables you to manage it with just a few taps from anywhere you have cellular service. These lights are not only very efficient but also easily customizable.

Using an intuitive app, you can change the colour, intensity, and look of your outdoor lighting

Gemstone Lights in Edmonton, AB

An Innovative Smart iOS and Android App

You can download the Gemstone Lights app on your mobile device to control your outdoor lighting system. With this innovative app, you can even schedule your lighting system to turn on and off and certain times for the ultimate home automation solution!

Long-term Use

The best part? You can get up to 17 years of 8 hours per night (based on 50,000 hours) of use with this incredible smart home lighting system while using a high-quality LED bulb! 

Lower Your Electric Bill

Even your utility bill will decrease thanks to the LEDs lights’ low energy consumption without sacrificing your desired appearance. People pay less to run Gemstone Lights when compared to regular Christmas lights or pot lights.

We Will Take Care of the Install!

All you need to do is contact our team. We will assess your property and design a solution that best suits your vision for your outdoor space. Then, we’ll install the smart system and hook up your device. That’s it! You’re ready to enjoy your innovative lighting system!

What You Can Do with Your Gemstone Lights in Edmonton

Gemstone Lights are so much more than your typical lighting systems. You can achieve a range of looks to celebrate the holidays, set the mood, or give your house structure.

Architectural Lighting

Despite the amazing designs that Gemstone Lights provide, architectural lighting is a top preference among all Gemstone Light customers.

You may use the settings on the mobile app (available for Android and iOS devices) to turn off or on lights using specific commands. There are countless possibilities for creating any desired architectural appearance.

Consider how much money you could save if you replaced your outdoor lighting with Gemstone Lights instead!

Whether you have a story home or a flat roof, you can accentuate the building’s strongest points with high-quality architectural lighting!

National Holiday Lights

There is a lot of creative freedom with Gemstone Lights.

If you celebrate Canada Day, you can flaunt your patriotism through brilliant colours and even motion!

Only the absence of fireworks, barbecues, and family gatherings remains. When setting the tone of the holiday with lighting, Gemstone Lights will not disappoint!

What better way to celebrate a national holiday and show your support than by displaying your country’s national colours outside your house or place of business.

Halloween Lights

Have you been struggling to hand lights in preparation for Halloween? Well, you don’t have to! You can change the colour of your lights to suit your chosen Halloween theme at the simple touch of a button!

The best part is that you won’t have to hang a single-string light or replace a bulb for the ultimate Halloween lighting in Edmonton!

Christmas Lights

Do you grow weary of purchasing lights on a regular basis because they break or become boring? Are you tired of the same red deer accessories?

What if it was possible to hang lights just once and never get tired of them again?

Customers frequently comment on how much they like having so many different ways to style Christmas lights.

The further assurance that your investment is worthwhile comes from using a lighting system that will last you for a very long time.

You can go for the traditional green, red, and white appearance or the candy cane look.

Once the colours are prepared, you can use one of the several motion patterns to bring the scene to life. Hang up a red deer or two, and you’re ready for the holiday season!

Why Choose Natural Light Edmonton for Your Gemstone Lighting Project in Edmonton, AB?

Here are some of the reasons to choose us for the installation of your Gemstone Lights:

  • Our team has been serving the people of Edmonton, AB, and surrounding areas for more than a decade
  • We put your personal preferences, comfort, and satisfaction first when designing and installing Gemstone Lights
  • Our design experts will hear what you have to say and create an outdoor lighting system that will blow your guests or customers away
  • Hundreds of happy customers are proof of our service excellence as a Gemstone Lights dealer in Edmonton
  • We provide premium services with attention to detail


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