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Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

10 Good Reasons to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Have you found yourself thinking about making changes to your home? Maybe you’ve been inspired by a Pinterest board or suddenly feel the urge to make an upgrade. The needs of every homeowner change over time and while the first thought is often to make a change to the interior of the home, we’re here to convince you to expand your outdoor living space.

Having a comfortable and spacious outdoor living space is perfect for hosting loved ones and reconnecting with nature. Here are ten compelling reasons to consider expansion:

  1. Expansion means more space!

The first obvious reason for expansion is to create a more spacious environment. The thought of moving or expanding can stem from the home feeling cramped, and outdoor expansion is one way to solve this. There are endless possibilities with the space you will have added to your home. You can create an outdoor kitchen or dining space, an outdoor space with a television is perfect for hosting movie nights or even an exercise room.

  1. The resale value of your home will increase

Think of the additional square footage to your home as an investment that can increase the value of your home. While it is impossible to expand the interior of your home, the additional beauty and functionality of your outdoor space will be beneficial financially in the long run. If you find yourself selling your home in the future, you’d be happy that you made the decision to expand.

  1. You will avoid the hassle and expense of moving

Most homeowners often wrestle with the dilemma of expanding or moving. While construction may be seen as inconvenient, moving is a whole undertaking on its own that can prove to be more stressful. Expansion can be a cost-effective way of creating a new atmosphere for your home, given that the construction would be outdoors or additions to an existing room, your daily routine would not be as heavily impacted. If you are satisfied with your current neighborhood and can revamp your home to create a new feel, expansion is the best way to go.

  1. Expansion brings out your inner creative

Trends are always evolving in the home improvement space. What was popular when you built your home is certainly not as trendy now. Expansion allows you to reimagine your home, choose each element carefully to suit your tastes, and make the space uniquely yours. Take hints from platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to inspire your design.

  1. Create extra storage space

There is always a need for extra space, and if you are not convinced by saving on moving costs or the flexibility of more space, maybe organizing will do the trick. Over time, you acquire more items around the home, whether clothes, tools, or supplies. Expanding your living space for storage purposes can provide you with a feeling of relief that everything is neatly packed and organized.

  1. Outdoor spaces can offer wellness benefits

Now more than ever, we’re being encouraged to connect with nature for our physical and mental health. Expanding your outdoor space can create more opportunities for you to unplug from technology and enjoy the comfort of the outdoors. Soaking up the fresh breeze and sunshine – packed with the essential Vitamin D – can work wonders for your health.

  1. Move the office or study in your new outdoor space

Work-life has drastically changed since 2020, and more people have been forced to work at home. Why not create a comfortable space outdoors that can accommodate your home office. Comfortable seating, shade, decor, and even a fireplace are components of a pretty unique outdoor office space.

  1. Fulfill your entertaining dreams

If you love to entertain, expansion means endless possibilities for hosting your friends and family. From barbecues and birthday parties to anniversary celebrations and neighborhood parties, your home will be the place to be! By having a designated entertainment space, you might remove the need for your guests to be in specific areas of your home.

  1. Additional space will allow for greater outdoor activities as the seasons change

The summertime is always great for enjoying the warmth with family, friends, and even pets. However, most people lose out on time outdoors during the winter. Creating a comfortable outdoor space can allow you to enjoy the cold water.

  1. Increase Accessibility

When you first built your home, accessibility might not have been considered for elderly family members of persons with disabilities. As you transform your outdoor living space, non-slip pavers and easy-to-use walkways might be beneficial for easier access.

Now that you have been sold on why you should expand your outdoor space, here’s how we can help you do it. At Natural Light Edmonton, we offer four top industry brands that can be a part of your outdoor expansion through the creation of sunrooms.

  1. Eze-Breeze

The window frames by Eze-Breeze are crafted from flexible vinyl which is strong and lightweight. By choosing Eze-Breeze for your sunroom, you are guaranteed light and an airy sunroom with French aesthetics.

  1. Lumon Glass

These glass walls create a luxurious look, made up of multiple, sliding glass panels. Expanding your space with Lumon Glass assures privacy and protection. Lumon Glass is also perfect for creating yoga rooms or hosting celebrations with an exclusive feel.

  1. Talius Habitat Screens and Rollshutters

Habitat Screens can be used to create a comfortable and relaxed outdoor space with the added benefit of bug protection. The aluminum Rollshutters by Talius are valued for their security and can be customized for seamless integration into your home.

  1. Timber Frames

Creating a traditional sunroom is easy with Timber Frame, especially when paired with a natural wood finish. Timber Frame uses locally made glulam beams; the stain and high-quality coating are your choices.   Expanding your outdoor space has endless possibilities from a unique outdoor kitchen to a yoga room perfect for meditation and reconnecting with yourself. The solutions offered by Natural Light Edmonton can make your expansion journey easier while creating a space that matches your dreams.



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