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Do Security Shutters Really Work?

The market for security solutions features extensive products because property protection investment is highly prioritized. Break-ins and vandalism have the potential to set your business back in the restoration process, which means solutions like security shutters can make life easier. If you’re wondering about the effectiveness of security rollshutters, today we dive into how security shutters work and even the additional benefits beyond protection against theft.

Why Security Shutters?

Security rolling shutters have a reputation for being ideal solutions as they are manufactured to last. Typically made from aluminum, they are electronically driven and retract into an overhead box. Manual options are also available.

Rolling shutters can be installed internally or externally. External shutters act as the first barrier of protection for your property, preventing anyone from looking on the inside. Internal shutters are effective because a potential intruder cannot directly access them in an effort to remove them. They also add extra security behind your windows and doors which delays entry.

Shutters can be controlled electronically, adding a layer of convenience that homeowners appreciate. With advances in technology, shutters can be synchronized with alarm systems which means that if there is a break-in or the alarm is tripped, law enforcement will be notified.

Do they work?

Security shutters are undoubtedly effective solutions for deterring crime. Today’s high-tech shutters are strategically manufactured and reinforced, thus any burglar would have to spend a very long time attempting to penetrate. Our security rollshutters are manufactured by Talius, a leader in the industry. They comprise a two-piece rail system, unique u-sill, and many locking options making them the ideal shutter to deter break-ins.

The longer it takes to open the shutter, the greater the chance that they will be caught invading your property.

What other benefits do security shutters offer?

If you are looking for more value for money, security shutters offer a range of benefits that make them even more appealing investments.

  1. Weather protection

With the change in climate patterns leading to unprecedented weather events, security shutters are in even greater demand. They protect your home from high winds, rain, and flying objects.

  1. Sun Protection

The sun’s UV rays are extremely harmful to decor and furniture. Shutters have the ability to not only control the lighting of a room but protect the inside of your property from sun damage.

  1. Professional Appearance

The curb appeal of your business is important and aluminum shutters will fall in line with your aesthetic values. This can even lead to an increase in property value.

  1. Vandalism Protection

Restoring your property from a vandalism attack can be costly. Luckily security shutters are excellent for safeguarding your property against vandalism.

  1. Energy Efficiency

When creating a barrier against the sun, security shutters also reduce the heat gain inside your property. This is eventually reflected in savings on your energy bill because the need for cooling systems is significantly reduced.

At Natural Light Edmonton, we supply Talius’ rollshutters which can be used to construct the sunroom of your dreams. Contact us today!



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