5 Cost-Effective Ways to Secure Your Business

Security is an essential part of ensuring your business runs smoothly. There is nothing like peace of mind when you know you have taken all the necessary steps to safeguard your property. While it may seem costly to implement security measures, here are five cost-effective ways to secure your business that are worth every penny.

By Ryan Johnson
November 21, 2022

security shutters

Do Security Shutters Really Work?

The market for security solutions features extensive products because property protection investment is highly prioritized. Break-ins and vandalism have the potential to set your business back in the restoration process, which means solutions like security shutters can make life easier. If you’re wondering about the effectiveness of security rollshutters, today we dive into how security

By Ryan Johnson
November 21, 2022

retractable screns

Do Retractable Screens Keep the Bugs Out?

We can all agree that insects belong outside. Yet they always seem to find a way to make our homes theirs! Insect repellants add a degree of discomfort to any space, whether it be strongly scented candles or oils. Instead of being forced to resort to repellants, we’re here to tell you that retractable screens

By Ryan Johnson
October 8, 2022

passive cooling

Terrified of Summer Heat? Passive Cooling Really Works!

There is no denying that the summer has been an absolute scorcher. With record-breaking heat waves experienced across the globe, it is simply terrifying how intense the heat can be. Last June, temperatures were recorded at 1.8°C warmer than in the pre-industrial period. Many more hot days are on the cards with an anticipated 27.7

By Ryan Johnson
August 31, 2022

covered patio

How Much Value Does a Covered Patio Add to Your Home

There are always creative ways for homeowners to spruce up and add value to their homes. We often hear that major renovations can increase property value, however, the simple addition of a patio cover can do just that. Let’s dive into the world of covered patios. What are the types of patio covers? Patio Covers

By Ryan Johnson
August 10, 2022

Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

10 Good Reasons to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Have you found yourself thinking about making changes to your home? Maybe you’ve been inspired by a Pinterest board or suddenly feel the urge to make an upgrade. The needs of every homeowner change over time and while the first thought is often to make a change to the interior of the home, we’re here

By Ryan Johnson
May 20, 2022