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Ways to Secure Your Business

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Secure Your Business

Security is an essential part of ensuring your business runs smoothly. There is nothing like peace of mind when you know you have taken all the necessary steps to safeguard your property. While it may seem costly to implement security measures, here are five cost-effective ways to secure your business that are worth every penny.

  1. Commercial-grade locks and fencing

It all starts with the locks. Heavy-duty commercial-grade locks are recommended at each entry point. Pin-cylinder locks offer the best protection as they make a burglar’s lock-picking intentions very difficult. Deadbolt locks requiring a key or knob to set are also effective.

Fencing is another consideration to keep trespassers off your premises.

  1. Security Shutters

There are several security solutions on the market designed to secure the exterior of your premises, one of which is the rollshutter.

Rollshutters are industry leaders with a reputation for being the ultimate security solution. You can breathe a sigh of relief when you install a rollshutter over your window or door because they offer security against break-ins, theft, and even extreme weather events. The solution even has the potential to reduce insurance costs. To reduce costs for the actual rollshutter, there are manual options available as well that will secure your business just as well.

A subtle way to protect your property is with transparent security film or special glass that is difficult to penetrate. Additionally, keep your windows and areas with glass clear from items that can be perceived as attractive to burglars.

  1. A Robust Security System

A robust security system will work wonders to secure your business. This can comprise security cameras and alarms, to act as a deterrent for many thinking to break into your business. Security cameras allow you to constantly track those walking in and out of your premises while alarms let you know the moment a break-in has occurred. Luckily, advances in technology have made it easy for you to keep abreast with anything that happens at your business right from your fingertips. Businesses dealing with sensitive information would especially benefit from such systems to protect intellectual property.

In addition, insurance companies are more inclined to reduce premiums for companies with security systems.

  1. Lighting

It is a known fact that good lighting is a crime deterrent. However, it is not enough to just place lights anywhere, a strategy will allow you to get the best value for money. Here are some options

  • Continuous Lighting: These lights are placed outdoors and given that they are never turned off, they prevent the property from becoming dark.
  • Area Lighting: These illuminate large areas such as parking lots, and your property stands to benefit if employees work long hours.
  • Standby Lighting: Standby lights turn on and off based on specific settings like motion sensors. This allows you to know if someone is lurking around your property.
  1. Security Staff

Investment in security solutions and technology can do wonders for your business. However, having a security officer skilled in navigating threatening situations can go a long way. A security officer can improve customer service, the response time to a breach is immediate and a safer business environment is created. Security officers are also first responders; it is a smart business move to hire someone trained in operating an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) or trained in CPR.



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